Refreshed Nexus 4 units sporting design tweaks


Refreshed Nexus 4 units sporting design tweaks

The Nexus 4 is among the best flagship device out there, not only in terms of stock Android but also when it comes to performance, stability and design quality. That said, it was also plagued by several designs flaws which hampered the usability of the handset.

Several users were reporting that the Nexus 4 was too slippery, this was due to glass back of the unit which could result in scratches or even worst, shattered glass! Changes had to be made and Google responded accordingly, those slight but obvious changes were first spotted by several new buyers then confirmed by German website MobiFlip

There are now tiny nubs on the rear of the handset right above the screw holes, those not only give the device additional surface grip but also provide louder volumes, the little bump also prevents the glass from being accidentally scratched while on a surface. Those do however have a nasty side effect, they can in fact be felt while holding the device, that not a big deal but rather a necessary compromise.


Secondly we’ve got the camera housing which was also redesigned, the newer units appear to have the camera more tightly packed in while having less exposure to the outside world. Whether this is intentional or not is still subject of debate but Androidcentral is working on it.


Those slight changes will hopefully make the Nexus 4 less prone to damage, you should definitely consider the redesigned model if you’re willing to buy the Nexus 4.