MetroPCS and Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 starting to get FCC approval



The international Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost at the palm of our hands, scheduled to be globally available during the upcoming weeks if not months but U.S citizens will get something quite different from the international variant.

Indeed, American carriers like Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon have had that bad habit of using their own smartphone variants which are very often bloated with carrier software while having locked bootloaders. This won’t simply change, at least not this year. Few variants popped out at FCC for approval, the Sprint Galaxy S4, now know as the SPH-L720 and the MetroPCS variant (SCH-R970).

Both variants more or less share the same similarities like the Snapdragon 600 SoC but minor changes are to be noted. They both natively support CDMA, EV-DO as well as LTE but the Sprint version sports HSPA 3G for world roaming, that basically means that you’ll be able to use it on almost any European networks. The MetroPCS model on the hand drops support for HSPA in favor of four bands of LTE meant mostly to support other mid-size American networks, like US Cellular.

Those two devices could very well be out by the end of next month, other Galaxy S4 variants are also expected to make their appearance at FCC but we’ve yet to see them.