8-Core Samsung Galaxy S4 blows everything out the water, destroys others in benchmark



We previously seen the Snapdragon 600-based Galaxy S4 in action but the mightier Exynos Octa-powered Galaxy is unmistakably the beast of the year, sporting impressive hardware under the hood as well as a myriad of Samsung software along with the latest Android version available.

Performance is something that Samsung seriously takes into consideration when making a flagship device and the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500) doesn’t fail to impress. Folks at GSMArena have managed to run the mighty one through a battery of benchmarks and it pretty much managed to toppled down every single other device including the its little Snapdragon 600 brother, the gimmick Xperia Z as well as the HTC One – Nothing can simply beat a Samsung flagship smartphone at launch when it comes down to raw performance.