8-Core Samsung Galaxy S4 blows everything out the water, destroys others in benchmark



We previously seen the Snapdragon 600-based Galaxy S4 in action but the mightier Exynos Octa-powered Galaxy is unmistakably the beast of the year, sporting impressive hardware under the hood as well as a myriad of Samsung software along with the latest Android version available.

Performance is something that Samsung seriously takes into consideration when making a flagship device and the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500) doesn’t fail to impress. Folks at GSMArena have managed to run the mighty one through a battery of benchmarks and it pretty much managed to toppled down every single other device including the its little Snapdragon 600 brother, the gimmick Xperia Z as well as the HTC One – Nothing can simply beat a Samsung flagship smartphone at launch when it comes down to raw performance.


Others may flaunt and boast about their devices having X or Y feature (like being waterproof or having a so called ‘Ultrapixel’ camera) but Samsung always has the upper hand; sure haters will bash it for the seemingly ‘poor’ design but Samsung knows better, the best bang-for-buck components were chosen while manufacturing the Galaxy S4. The problem others face (especially HTC) is that, despite all its complaining, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to be a big seller. The last flagship handset from Samsung drove the manufacturer to the fore in the mobile market and this latest one won’t be any different.

exynos octa

The spec sheet alone, with its 8-core SoC (4+4), reads more like a computer than a mobile phone.