Samsung to reap massive operating profits, smartphone sales expected to boom in Q1 2013



South-Korean electronics giant Samsung is undoubtedly one of the most prosperous Android manufacturer out there. Compare that to it’s exact situation 3 years ago and you’d be amazed by how the company managed to pull itself over the mountain, slowly but successfully dethroning all its competitors in the Android arena – the huge amount of revenues and the widespread media attention further helped it to explode its sales year over year and even managed to topple down Nokia.

The mighty one enjoyed a highly profitable financial status last year, thanks to their flagship device especially the Galaxy SII, Galaxy Note II & several other midrange devices like the Galaxy Advance, SIII Mini and so on. There no stopping to that trend, Samsung is cashing in; but spending a lot on advertising and marketing which in turn help it gain extra profits. Samsung’s market share rose to 35%, up from 32% in Q4 2012, that’s a stunning 3% in just 4 months!

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LG on the other hand has just barely managed to secure 4.3% of the market share (up from 4%) and is currently behind Chinese makers ZTE (4.6%) and Huawei (4.4%). Outwitting Apple won’t be an easy task but clues are already pointing out that Samsung is biting Apple’s marketshare in several countries, it’s only a matter of years before the giant leaps over its sworn enemy.

Samsung’s gigantic sales will hit another record high right during this quarter with newly introduced devices like the Galaxy S4 and the upcoming Note III. Analysts projected the tech giant to reap an operating profit of around 8.5 trillion won (US$7.7 billion) for the January-March period on the back of continued demand for mobile devices.