HTC takes an aggressive position, stops being quiet goes noisily brilliant



We all know HTC has postponed the release of the HTC One due to component shortages, and their new president has a new look on things. Benjamin Ho has announced that HTC will be making huge changes in the company, such as the Quietly Brilliant tagline in their ads. He has stated that they have lots of innovations, but they will be much bolder.

Customers had the opportunity to demo the HTC One outside of Samsung’s S4 launch, which is rather bold in its entirety. HTC also made a tweet stating S4 , #TheNextBigFlop. They are a company which has been quaint on comparing to other companies, to focus on their own features and updates.

HTC has made a great effort to reassure investors that they will make a comeback, while they were 41% down in 4th quarter from a year ago. They have lost any ground around Samsung and Apple in the market. Mr. Ho has made plans to increase digital marketing by 250% and increase traditional marketing by 100%. Afterwards he then confirmed the shortage of cameras for the HTC One. The reason for this delay happened to be that the camera is specifically designed for the HTC One and production couldn’t keep up.

This may be a great step for HTC, as I have loved their phones in the past, but i feel they need to get better specs sooner like Samsung.