Motorola X Phone coming in November with 4.8 Sapphire glass display, Snapdragon 800 CPU and Android 5.0?


Motorola X Phone

Now that GALAXY S4, Optimus G Pro and HTC One are out of the way, the rumors are targeting whats left to come, the Nexus 5, which should be outed by this summer and Motorola’s first and totally overhauled — Motorola X Phone. We’ve already seen a mysterious Motorola device uncovering a new logo, new shaped with more roundish corners smartphone, which some say it isn’t the X Phone, while others think it is.

There are all sorts of rumors flying around in the media, like there will be a whole range of new X phones and that customer will be able to customize their devices straight from pre-orders, as Motorola advisor Guy Kawasaki hinted on his personal Google+ page last week, by saying “Wouldn’t it be great if you could personalize your phone like this?” adding a Porsche video with his question.

Motorola X Phone is now rumored to arrive very late this year (November) packed with a 4.8 inch Sapphire Glass (three times stronger than Gorilla Glass) display with Full HD display, 2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 4000 mAh battery and highly probable Android 5.0. These details come from Phone Arena’s not so reliable and anonymous source.