CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik leaves Samsung, decides to do something new



The man originally behind the popular CyanogenMod has abruptly left Samsung. For those who can’t remember, Steve Kondik was previously hired by Samsung to improve Samsung’s software – that was back in 2011 when Samsung was significantly behind the competition in terms of user-interface aesthetics or software quality (TouchWiz 4.0 was undoubtedly horrible at that time).

Times have changed with the advent of the Galaxy SIII onwards, Samsung recovered and managed to grab a large portion of the Android marketshare while outwitting its closest rivals. Steve Kondik was one among many who devoted themselves to produce the best software experience on select Samsung products but he has finally turned the page on Samsung stating that he “just decided to do something new.”

He praised the Galaxy S4 for its very distinct set of features while quoting it as a real beast which “blows the competition out of the water” in benchmarks and “the touchscreen which can register “hover” events, and an IR blaster” but according to him Samsung’s software more especially TouchWiz which managed to improve still has room for improvement, he slapped TouchWiz – comparing to Froyo era launchers (which is a bit extreme).

He didn’t specifically state the reason behind his premature departure but it was probably induced by Samsung’s proprietary software sources/APIs which are unfortunately not entirely open source, this is kinda a pain in the ass for developers. He will likely pursue his future in another company which offers more freedom.