The HTC One might get the Jelly Bean treatment within 2 months



Every single Android user loves latest updates, especially when it comes to the very latest flagship devices on the market. The Android 4.1.2-powered HTC One is no exception to that rule; it may not yet have been released all around the globe but reports indicate that HTC is already prepping a jar of Jelly Beans for it’s mighty device.

Android 4.2.2 – the latest major Android version is still new in town but managed to find its place among few devices like the recently announced Galaxy S4. Having the latest software updates is a major factor of concept for most geeky Android users & the release of the HTC One was somewhat a letdown considering that it came with a rather old version of Android despite having all those features, that was kinda expected from a company like HTC. But rest assured, the Taiwanese manufacturer will very likely update it in the few upcoming months!

The report comes from a tweet stating that it “will get the update in 1-2 months”, the HTC tipster dubbed @LlabTooFeR has been correct on several previous occasions and it’s no wonder why he shouldn’t be right on this one too.

This is rather good news for those who were reluctant to buy the HTC One, manufacturer features are important but having the latest Android version is of crucial importance too!