Daily Android Game: Super Stickman Golf 2



From the makers of Happy Jump comes Super Stickman Golf 2, a simple yet addictive golf game everyone can play. This game improves on the first by adding features such as customising players with hats, looks and power-ups and new hazards on the golf course.

You start off with a nice easy undulating couple of levels to get you used to the mechanics of the game. You scroll around the screen to view the landscape, pinch in and out to zoom. Aiming is done by using the on-screen buttons. When you’re happy with the direction of your shot, you press the ‘GO’ button. When it reaches the desired power lever, press again and the character takes your shot.

The playing screen
The playing screen

There are numerous power-ups that can be bought. You will start with 7 mulligans which allow you to retake your