Daily Android App: Kii Keyboard


Kii Keyboard has been out for some time, but I have been waiting for it to come out of Beta before writing a final review.

The developers claim that the inspiration behind this app is to bring all the best features of the competition into one app. If you like the text prediction of SwiftKey but miss the thumb keys of Thumb Keyboard, then this app is for you.

Not only does this app try to do everything the more established apps do, it does it well. The text prediction isn’t necessarily as polished as SwiftKey maybe, but it comes very close. As well as supporting 34 languages, you can also download dictionaries for them from the Play store for free. This allow you to have spell checking in those 34 languages too, which is something I haven’t seen any other app do. This is also one app for both Tablet and Phone. No separate purchase for both!

Pretty much every aspect of the keyboard can be changed from the spacing between keys, the size, extra keys (like numbers and arrows) to appear in certain orientations, colours of both the main and alternative characters as well as the predictive text and fonts and you can even add themes. Kii comes with 6 themes based on various OS generations as well as their own (both light and dark) but it also allows you to use themes designed for other keyboards. You can download the files from the Play Store and they will show up in the settings.

Kii also allows you to use flow writing. If you run Jelly Bean or have tried SwiftKey flow, then you will know what this is like. Simply put, it’s typing without lifting you finger from the screen, simply connecting the letters together and allowing the software to make the most logical choice. From what I can see, this feature was out in Kii before SwiftKey Flow.

Flow typing and control
Flow typing and control

The feature I like the most about this app is that it has several different keyboards in one. As well as the standard keyboard and symbol keyboard, if you press and hold on the symbol key, you can choose to have one of 6 keyboards. There is the standard letter keys, symbols but you can also have arrow keys, which will look like a number pad with arrows, a number pad, Emoji’s keyboard and a further symbols keyboard with various wingdings. This is great for if you have to input loads of numbers, say in a spreadsheet, and prefer to use a number pad.

Extra Keyboards
Extra Keyboards

I would highly advise that you try Kii, as it’s free. All premium features (such as custom fonts and colours) are free, but reset every hour. A one time in-app purchase will unlock them full time. You may have heard of the maxim “Jack of all trades, master of none”. well Kii is simply “Jack of all trades.”

Kii is available for free from the Google Play Store.