Eric Schmidt: Android and Chrome OS will not merge


During the past few weeks the rumor mill came up with a highly controversial rumor – A potential Android-Chromse fusion; that won’t happen as Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt just dispelled the rumor which went wild on the web a couple of days ago.

Both operating systems are designed to operate in very different operating environments, Android being a hardware-dependent os which heavily relies on the middle APIs and lot of Java stuff along with a virtual machine-like application container all running on the underlying Linux Kernel. Chrome OS on the contrary is a cloud-focused, targeted at ultraportables, it has zero native apps as all current Chrome Apps run in the browser itself (Sandboxing).

Eric Schmidt however stated that both operating system will find a relatively close balance between each other, this could essentially mean that Chrome will find itself deeply integrated in Android in future releases. He not only pointed that both will remain separate projects but also slapped down all claims that he’d be leaving the company, stating “Google is my home”.



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