HTC Leaving Verizon Hanging Without the HTC One?


According to a tweet sent by HTC USA, the latest flagship device will not be available on Verizon’s network. They were trying to encourage people to check out the DROID DNA instead, which in some people opinion is the better of the two. Rumors of the HTC one arriving at Verizon may be false.

HTC USA was implying that Verizon customers should invest elsewhere in the DNA. The HTC One would have had a better chance competing with the Samsung Galaxy S4 in my opinion, yet I feel like the S4 would be the best choice in phones. The HTC One will be available on the following carriers:

  • Sprint
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile

Both the HTC One and DROID DNA are very similar in specs, as the DNA has a larger screen, but the One is beating the DNA in the following categories:

  • Storage, with 32/64 GB compared to the inferior 16GB on the DNA
  • A slightly better processor speed
  • Better camera hardware
  • 1080p versus a 720p screen

Other than these, the DNA is probably pricing a lot cheaper than both the One and S4, so it opens many door to all different choices to users amongst carriers.

via TheDroidGuy