Samsung GALAXY S4 and GALAXY Tab 3 receive DLNA certification and confirms some US variants


Now that the Samsung GALAXY S4 is out some may wonder if it’s coming in your area  (local carrier) or not. We do not have official confirmation explicitly from carriers, but what we can tell you is that we found out some of the models which are directly linked to US carriers (North America) like Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, etc.

DLNA certification website lists the following GALAXY S4 models as GALAXY S3 derivates with JellyBean OS: Samsung SGH-I337 (AT&T), Samsung SCH-I545 (Verizon), Samsung SGH-M919, Samsung  SPH-L720 (Sprint), Samsung SPH-M840 (Sprint), Samsung SCH-R970 (MetroPCS), Samsung SGH-i467.

Another bundle of Samsung devices that just went through DLNA certification are the GALAXY Tab 3 tablet series which should launch soon. The following Tab 3 model numbers have been listed:

GALAXY TAB  3  7 inch:    GT-P3200 (Wi-Fi +3G), GT-P3210 (Wi-Fi Only), GT-P3220 (Wi-Fi +3G+ LTE)
GALAXY TAB 3  10.1: GT-P5200 (Wi-Fi +3G),GT-P5210 (Wi-Fi Only),GT-P5220 (Wi-Fi +3G+ LTE)
GALAXY TAB 3  Plus: GT-P8200 (Wi-Fi +3G),GT-P8210 (Wi-Fi Only),GT-P8220 (Wi-Fi +3G+ LTE