Samsung Galaxy S4 pricing leaked for Italy & Europe


A beast was unveiled few days ago and some are already wary that the device will cost a fortune. Rest assured as the starting price will more or less the same as the Galaxy SIII when launched.

Android Chaotic reports that their sources close to Samsung Italy have managed to have a peek at the preliminary prices for the device, according to them the Exynos 5410-powered Galaxy S4 will hit retail shelves during the first two weeks of May at a starting price of €699. They also indicated that the standard price may be €100 lower in other parts of Europe. The price, for some may be a little off but that’s the price to pay for a flagship device.

The prices should be as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 with Warranty in Europe: 599.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 with Warranty in Italy: €699.
  • Availability of the Galaxy S4 in Italy: the first two weeks of May.
  • Availability of the Galaxy S4 in Europe: from April 26 (UK).

As you may know the price shown before the phone hit the shops is always the adviced price from Samsung, this was previously the case with the Galaxy SIII & Note II. As soon as they hit the stores  the price dropped immediately. So we can expect the same with the Galaxy S4 and the expected price will be around the €600-650 range.



We’ll update the price list shall any change occur, keep in touch!