Backup Your Mobile to the Rescue


Have you ever had that moment when you are flashing or reflashing a ROM onto your phone, and lose all of your data on your internal storage? This is no longer an issue with Backup Your Mobile by lanx from XDA. This app has been reliable for users across the board, and is essential for any modder to have in their app drawer.

There is nothing like having a great, yet simplistic app such as Backup Your Mobile. You are able to pick and choose the kind of data that is being backed up and that is restorable to save precious space on your SD card as they do not come as cheap as we would all hope. The app has very respectable and direct navigation around the UI, allowing for ease of use and quick backups. Some of the big features would be backing up; call logs, system settings, user dictionary, contacts(which I lose all the time), and SMS messages. You are also able to backup your data to cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, while also allowing for retrieval from the cloud of choice.

An essential app for Android users everywhere, as long as you are rocking Android 2.2 or later that is (but who isn’t?). Now for the catch, how much for this wonderful app? Well thanks to lanx, it is free in the Play store to all users.

via XDA