Samsung’s website hints at a 6.3-inch Galaxy Note III


The Galaxy S4 finally went official yesterday but there’s still one ‘Big Enormous Thing’ that has yet to be unveiled, we’re of course referring to the next Galaxy Note.

We haven’t seen any leaks of far but Samsung has directly given us a clue of the potential size of the Galaxy Note III on their website, it could very well feature a 6.3-inch (9.1cm) display or something very close to that length.

The microwebsite currently provides some basic information on the Galaxy S4 & its accessories, if you scroll to the Gamepad accessory you’ll soon find that the second bullet-point claims that the supported screen sizes are 4-inch to 6.3-inch.That doesn’t say much but it confirms the next Galaxy Note will feature a larger screen.

The Galaxy Note III is rumored to feature the same Exynos 5 Octa SoC but chances are that it’ll be overclocked by ~200-400MHz.