HTC Desire P and HTC Desire Q names show up on NCC Taiwan website


Up until recently HTC One was known as HTC M7, a name used by HTC employees within the company. Another name is HTC M4 which we’ve seen it surface a couple of times earlier this year, as well as rumors about a HTC G1 sequel codenamed HTC G2.

Today we bring you news about a couple of new, unreleased HTC smartphones that showed up on NCC Taiwan website (mobile certification website equivalent to the FCC in the US) . HTC Desire P using model number T326h and HTC Desire Q model number T328h tipped for release this year, both equipped with 3G technology.

One of these two devices could be the mid-ranger HTC M4 and/or HTC G2, but we are not certain. We cannot relay this names to anything yet, as we do not have further information on them, however we will keep you updated the minute we hear more. T326h and T328h lead us to believe that these are two devices ment for Asian market. Thoughts?