HTC One Developer Edition with SIM and bootloader unlocked announced for $649


We’ve seen how HTC managed to somehow regain some attention with the introduction of the HTC One few weeks ago but now is the time to please Android developers.

The HTC One Developer Edition is one of the first  HTC smartphone to have an unlocked bootloader, that basically allows the developer community to hack it out, install custom firmware (like CyanogenMod), custom recoveries or even Linux distros.

It will be launched in the states around the same time as the HTC One and will feature some additional developer goodies such as open Bluetooth & Infrared APIs along with full LTE 700/850/AWS/1900 MHz support with no carrier restrictions. It also natively comes with 64GB of internal storage but the rest should be pretty similar to the original HTC One.

You won’t find it at your local store since it’ll be available in limited quantities. It won’t likely be released elsewhere in the world, it should be noted that the HTC One Developer Edition doesn’t support International LTE800/1800/2600 Bands. You’re basically out of luck if you live in Europe.


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