The Galaxy SIV will have a 2600mAh Li-ion battery


You have probably seen the Galaxy S4 in the recently released hands-on video that quickly confirmed earlier design rumors and leaks. Now we know for sure that it’ll feature a 2600mAh battery.

2,600 mAh may not sound much but it’s definitely an upgrade over the Galaxy SIII’s 2100mAh. The additional juice is expected to drive the 8-core(4+4) flagship device but details on the projected battery life were not made available. We can only speculate that it’ll more or less have few more hours than its predecessor.

We can only wait a couple of days before finally having the full specification sheet in front of us. Stay tuned for any other details!


  1. 2600mAH is still kind of low, I would have expected Sammy to put at least 3200 in there, considering it’s driving 8 cores and a high def screen. Thankfully, the battery is removable (unlike HTC’s latest offering) and will have aftermarket batteries with higher mAH ratings.


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