Samsung Mobile USA teases with the clearest Galaxy S4 picture seen so far


It wasn’t long since we last seen some leaked images which reportedly depict the next Galaxy but nobody was actually sure it they were real or a hoax. Confirmation now comes directly from Samsung Mobile USA.

Samsung Mobile USA has recently tweeted the partial but clear image of the Galaxy S4, that seems to confirm the designs seen in the earlier leaked shots. The image doesn’t depict the speaker, front-facing camera or even the light sensor but that pretty much gives us a clue of how the final beast will actually look like, at least for the front.

Screenshot from 2013-03-12 10:46:32

Well, that’s it pals, the Galaxy S4 will indeed feature a design carrier forward from the Galaxy SIII, the camera flash and speaker placement will very likely be moved but that’s all. No major body changes whatsoever, Samsung will still adopt their robust poly-carbonate body as far as the build is concerned. The tweet simply announces that the countdown has begun but we’ve got more than that.