HTC One Unboxed in Front of the Camera for The First Time


HTC ONe (7)HTC One is without a doubt the hottest smartphone of the past month. And while everyone is on the waiting list, a guy known as AppleCases on YouTube has already got it, and even unboxed it in front of the camera.

The box of the HTC One is not the smallest you could find, but neither is the device itself. In the box, there is the usual set of accessories: charger, USB cable, a pair of cool earphones, the usual documentation, and the phone itself. Everything is tightly put in place, and every inch of the box is economically used.

The star of the video undoubtedly was the HTC One. With its sleek design and aluminium unibody, it won the heart of the reviewer. Its display is also nothing short of amazing: you will need to search hard to find something better.

In the end, the HTC One was powered up. Without surprises, the time needed for the smartphone to fully-boot was minimal, and on the way the unboxer was greeted by a cool boot animation. We were also able to take a glimpse at the lock screen. It’s as minimal as it gets: you have clock and weather widgets, and a pull-up unlock button, which is a bit different than what we are used to see on HTC devices. Then again, this is the first device to sport the new Sense 5 UI.

If you want to take a look at the unboxing video, here it is (note that it’s in German):