Daily Android Game: Air Alert


Air Alert is a cool-looking arcade shooter in which you take a flight in a fully loaded helicopter and shoot at all of the enemies with many different weapons for just one goal: to complete the mission impossible.

If you were looking for something more innovative and out-of-this-world, then this game would be a disappointment for you. But, we can honestly say that it is a fun game to play on the go and can become very challenging at some stages.


Air Alert doesn’t offer quite a lot game modes, but it has enough options not to keep you bored. There are several difficulties that can be set as well as a good number of different playable areas. Each area has its own missions that need to be fulfilled and by doing it so you are given a certain amount of money that can be spent on different occasions.


Speaking of money, it can be spent on various things, such as buying new and more powerful helicopters, upgrades, weapons etc. It can be also used for repairing a helicopter if it is damaged.


Now, lets talk about the actual gameplay. It is very decent actually. The aircraft is controlled by the movement of your finger and there are also a couple of other assigned buttons whose position on the screen can be customized. For most of the part, Air Alert runs lag-free and smooth, without many glitches. But, if we have to complain about something, we would say that the controls are not very responsive and that can lead to great amounts of frustration.


The game developers have also included an achievement system that makes the game, if not better, at least more interesting. Unlocking achievements also earns you money, so better get them all than not.


Air Alert does not offer much eye-candy, but we have to say that the graphics are very nice. All of the helicopters are nicely modeled, so is the environment. The dynamic shadows look realistic and really add to the wow effect. Also, at some times when an explosion occurs, some really amazing effects show up which is really impressively done. The same can’t be said for the audio effects, however. It  seems that the developers haven’t spent much time at delivering a great audio experience for the users. Instead, the game sounds are very plain and simple, actually. But, overall, this is a very decent game that can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

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