Koushik Dutta’s Superuser App Implemented into CyanogenMod


superuser_koush_cmWe are pretty much sure you are familiar with the name Koush, or Koushik Dutta, if you will. For those that still haven’t heard of him, well, he’s the mastermind behind ClockworkMod Recovery, ROM Manager, DeskSMS, Carbon, and many other apps. He’s also a member of the CyanogenMod team. His latest app is Superuser, which is just another SU app, much like Superuser by ChainsDD and SuperSU by Chainfire. But the highlight of the show is, it’s been implemented into CyanogenMod, the leading custom ROM.

The highlight of this new implementation is that Superuser is now part of the Settings menu, which adds a better feeling to it. It’s nothing special, hence, it doesn’t add new features, but it’s still a nice touch. What’s also interesting is that ParanoidAndroid developers announced that Koush’s will make an appearance into their ROM as well, too as a part of the Settings menu.

If you want to lay your hands on a build that has implemented Superuser app, search for nightlies built as of March 6th. If you want to get the app directly from the Play Store, click here.