Temple Run: Oz lands in the Google Play Store



Disney Mobile Games and Imangi Studios have once again partnered & launched a new Temple Run game!

Temple Run: Oz follows the path of Temple Run: Brave, having the same setting a gameplay experience. It doesn’t feel that different from the Temple Run classic but a certain graphical improvement over Temple Run 2.

The timing here for Temple Run Oz is awesome,” says Bart Decrem GM of Disney Mobile Games. “A couple weeks after Temple Run 2 here comes a game that speaks to awesome childhood moments – the yellow brick road and the world of Oz.”

The game focuses on the Great and Powerful Oz, the rest is pretty much the same. You run, run & run, collecting coins, power-ups and other goodies before stumbling or being kicked out by your pursuers.

This game is was primarily designed to promote Disney’s upcoming Oz the Great and Powerful which is scheduled to be released in couple of days.

You can grab it now in the Play Store for $0.99