Google Nexus 7 dock now available on Play store on more continents


Nexus 7 tablet docking pins

Who doesn’t have a Google Nexus 7 tablet these days, I mean its out for a really long time in many variants, it is cheap and it is the 2012 tablet of the year, right. But how many of you has a docking station for it? Whenever you need to charge your tablet you have to carefully place it on a secure surface. A good reason to search for a tablet cradle.

Now, Asus and Google have been teasing the official Nexus 7 dock for a few months now, but only recently came out for grabs in some regions.


Today the original (official) Google Nexus 7 dock is finally available on almost all continents through Google’s Play store. The dock is now available in the US for $29.99, in the UK for £24.99, in other select European countries for €29.99 and in Australia for $49.99 AUSD.

Sure, you can find the same dock at a few retailers but at a higher price.