Daily Android App: Solid Explorer


Solid Explorer is a file manager that extends the possibilities you can do on a phone. Its file management system is so good it can be compared with a real PC file explorer. You don’t believe in our words? Go ahead, read this review and be convinced our words are true!

Firstly, lets cover the user interface. In fact, it is one of the friendliest mobile file managers we’ve ever seen. Solid Explorer uses a double-panel user interface that offers seamless transitions between two separate locations in your memory at any time. Things get even better when the phone is put into landscape mode, because the two panels actually appear at the same time then. Also, switching between panels could not have be made easier: for a transition to take place, only a single swipe to the left or right is needed. This very same concept is also used in other file explorers such as Total Commander, but it’s the simplicity in Solid Explorer that impressed us the most.


Solid Explorer is very capable of many different operations of file management, such as copy, paste, cut etc. Those are the basics, though there’s much more to it. For example, there’s the merge option when you try to copy a folder in a location where it already exists. Also, there is a beautiful and accurate progress bar when copying files from one location to another occurs. It is also important to mention that Solid Explorer also gives you the option to select and manage several files at once.


The settings menu in Solid Explorer is pretty rich of options. Almost everything there is to see can be actually tweaked to your likes or needs. Appearance-wise, there are several themes, both dark and light ones. The files and folders can be sorted by different criteria, there is also the option to show or hide hidden files and folders and what not. All in all, this is one well-equipped file manager.


Solid Explorer can be had