Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Jellybean Firmware Lockscreen Flaw Grants Access to Homescreen for a Brief Moment


galaxy note 2 titanium gray marble whieSamsung is one of those manufacturers that is keen on keeping its devices up-to-date regarding Android versions, but no matter how hard they try to master the software of their flagships, there will be always room for improvements, as every now and then flaws occur. That’s the case with the Android 4.1.2 Jellybean firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

A flaw in the lock screen was discovered by Terence Eden a few days ago. The vulnerability is connected with the lockscreen security options, like pattern, or PIN-unlock. Eden found out that you could take a peek at the home screen for a brief moment if you do a trick, and even launch applications, or call people if there are direct dial widgets on the panel. That could be a serious issue for some, especially if they want all of their favorite contacts to be on the home screen.

The trick to do this is while the phone is locked with a pattern or a code, to click the emergency call button, and then the ICE button, finally pressing the home button. Then the homescreen will be displayed for a small fraction of time before the lockscreen appears again, but long enough for you to launch an app or a widget.

This issue has been submitted to Samsung, and it’s yet to be heard from them. Here’s a video demonstrating the flaw of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2: