Google experimenting data compression proxy to speed up Chrome on Android



Not all Android users have a fast data connection let alone an unlimited data plan, those users have long relied on Opera Mini and others to reduce their data consumption as well as to improve page loading time.

Google Chrome for Android 4.0+ will also boast that feature in a near future, the Chrome for Android team is currently experimenting very early builds with the unfinished feature. The feature is currently optional in the Chromium build but could eventually be set by default when let’s say an unstable slow connection is detected or when the user has a set very specific data limit.

Google describes the feature as to “Reduce data consumption by loading optimized web pages via Google proxy servers.” – This takes it to a whole new level, the webpage code itself will be compressed, it won’t be limited to just images like in Opera Mini but will encompass the whole of a page. Google’s implementation would be different in that it would use the company’s SPDY proxy servers.

This feature still in development but can already be activated using the following switch (connect your phone or tablet to your PC, turn on USB Debugging, and use the Android SDK)
adb shell ‘echo “chrome –enable-spdy-proxy-auth” > /data/local/tmp/content-shell-command-line’

via François Beaufort on G+