Evernote gets hacked, resets passwords of all users


Yesterday, whilst using Evernote, I found that it asked me to put in my password. I kept putting in the password in but it constantly said wrong password. Later on Twitter, I heard that Evernote had had a security breach and had reset all passwords.

Evernote announced the breach on their blog and in an email to all users. In it, they state that no data or financial details were stolen, and they suggest ways on how to keep a secure password.

If you’ve never used Evernote, it’s a service which synchs all your notes in the cloud but also has apps on all platforms both mobile and desktop. You can add tags to each note as well as location and add them to numerous notebooks. There are also numerous apps for iOS, Android and Web available that¬†integrate¬†beautifully with Evernote.

Despite the recent security hack, I would highly recommend Evernote if you find dribs and drabs around the web (or life), then you can snap, clip, record or write it into Evernote. This will then be synched to the cloud, and be available on any other app you have linked with Evernote.

You can download Evernote from Google Play store here.


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