Why not to buy a Nexus 4 from another country?


nexus 4 phone

Today we talk about mobile devices purchased from another country if they are not available in any local stores or online in your own country and why you should not take this step even if we are talking about the latest Nexus 4 smartphone. Our story today comes from a recognized XDA Forum developer which most of you know him by the nickname Amon_Ra who made the error of purchasing a N4 phone from MediaMarket (Germany) because it wasnt available in MediaMarket (Belgium) at that time.

A couple of months after he bought the phone he noticed an annoying buzz in the earpiece so he thought he should take it to the customer service to get it fixed, but unfortunately for him MediaMarket BE apparently doesn’t repair phones from purchased from MediaMarket DE so he had to ship it to Germany for repairs. That’s where his problems got worse. After paying the shipment to and back Amon_Ra received the phone unrepaired for the reason that “it is not a Benelux phone.”

To conclude Amon_Ra didnt manage to repair his Nexus 4 phone purchased from another country due to LG Electronics and MediaMarket warranty policies, however he says “never had any issues repairing a Samsung, HTC, … device whatsoever, even imported phones from the US get repaired.”

Whenever you are driven by your desire to own a mobile device or any electronics from another country make sure you learn everything about warranty policy specific to that country.

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