Android Game Review: Real Racing 3


Real Racing 3 is probably the most anticipated game on the Google Play Store today. Featuring the all-new Mint 3 Engine, realistic physics, graphics, sound and audio effects, it is not just a worthy successor of the previous sequel, but a whole new game that deserves to be at the top for a long, long time.

Real Racing 3 is a realistic driving simulator. It’s quite a big game actually, featuring a respectable number of 46 cars and over 900 races organized in numerous cups and tournaments. At the same time, while racing you can compete with your friends and other people from across this world. That is a cool feature, however, it limits the option to play this game in offline mode.

The first thing you will see the first time you launch the game is the main screen. It’s neatly organized, with all of the cups presented in the form of tiles, which are organized in several series. There are also the stats, such as credits, driver level as well as your selected car.  There’s also access to the car store, where the cars can be bought and, of course, the car customization menu. The main menu is pretty nice and straightforward so that everyone would be able to find his way easily.


As it is stated above, Real Racing 3 offers a rich arsenal of cars. To be exact, there are currently 46 of them with the possibility of additional ones coming later. There are the popular makes, such as Audi, BMW, Dodge and Lamborghini while on the other hand, there are also a couple of exotics, like Bugatti, Koenigsegg, McLaren and Pagani. At the beginning, as always, you start with a less powerful car and then as you progress in your career, you will earn enough credits to buy yourself a more powerful one.



The cars in Real Racing 3 can be deeply upgraded, all of them. Each one has its own paint jobs, engine, drive train and other upgrades. They even have to be maintained in order to function properly.


It is also important to mention that a special offer for a random car will pop up every week, so better be on the lookout for some great deals.


Real Racing 3, as it is said above, is very rich of races: there are hundreds of them. The number of cups and tournaments is also big to begin with and it is also good to know that there are several types of races: cup races, head to head, speed snap etc. All of them have different characteristics, but are based on the same formula.


The tournaments themselves have different car requirements and restrictions. For example, you can’t just drive a Lamborghini in a cup where all of the opponents are driving something more like a Ford Focus or a Nissan Silvia.


The time has come to talk about the actual gameplay in Real Racing 3. As we have said above, it is based on the new Mint 3 engine that ensures the presence of realistic physics, graphics and graphical effects, such as real-time car damage, dynamic reflections and fully functional rear view mirrors. Other highlights include many camera views of the car when racing including cockpit view, easy control scheme that can be customized in the settings menu and a decent AI.


The settings menu is divided into several categories. Firstly, there are the main settings where the audio volume and other displayed elements on the screen can be configured. The second includes changing the control scheme. There are a couple of ones to choose between. Finally, the third category is reserved for turning a couple of driving assists on and off.

Screenshot_2013-03-01-19-06-47 Screenshot_2013-03-01-19-07-09

We were very impressed by the quality of this game. Graphics wise, there’s not much to say other than this game is the best looking game on the Google Play Store today. The graphics are mind-blowing for a handheld device and even with them being as impressive as they appear, the game still runs fairly smooth. Please keep in mind that the provided screenshots have been captured on a device that’s almost two years old and that the graphics here don’t look nearly as nice as those found on a high-end device. They are still OK, though.

The audio effects are also very realistic and the featured soundtrack is calming and relaxing.


All in all, we are very satisfied with Real Racing 3 and can not recommend it more enough. If your device happens to be compatible, don’t think twice: download it as soon as possible, because it is free on the Google Play Store.

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