Acer to launch first Android phablet in 2013 part of the S series


first Android phablet

Acer is one of the worlds biggest laptop manufacturers and yet is struggling in the mobile division for some reason. Taiwan-base multinational focuses on mid to low-end smartphones and cheap tablets mostly and no devices in the high-end segment, but this policy is about to change as an article written in GSMA magazine called Mobile World Magazine Daily which talks about Acer plans for 2013.

According to this article Acer will launch S, C, E and Z series of smartphones in 2013.¬†Now we know about a few devices from three of these series, like Liquid E1 a mid-ranger running JellyBean or Liquid C1 with Intel Inside technology and more recently introduced (at MWC) — Acer Liquid Z2 which is another entry-level Android device.

How about S series you might ask, well that is a good question. According to the same source Acer might launch S series later this year which will be dedicated to the phablet segment. Apparently Taiwanese electronics maker wants to test the waters in that area by  launching its very first hybrid device (phablet).

Acer Liquid S series phablet segment 2013

There aren’t any details on Acer‘s phablet hardware only that it will fit right in the Acer S series.

source GSMA via FrAndroid