Falcon Pro for Twitter releases new update in hope of fixing Token problem.


You may remember I reported last week that Falcon Pro had hit it’s Twitter imposed 100, 000 user token limit. I have been following their progress over the last week. Monday, Joaquim Verges updated us on Twitter that he had heard back from them saying that because Flacon Pro does not supply anything special or unique, they would not increase the token limit. As a result, Verges continued to find a work around along with several other third-party Twitter devs such as Tweetings. Last night, Verges released an update that he hopes will fix the problem.

The update will reset all user tokens, so that if you are an existing user, you will need to log back in to Twitter through the app. This will give you a new token, and hopefully your experience shouldn’t be effected.

A new user will first have to pay a slightly higher price for the app of £1.28/€1.49/$1.95. The reason for the price increase is to deter the pirates that took up all the tokens in the first place. It will also dissuade people to pay to try it but never use it again. This will mean that tokens shouldn’t be taken up so quickly. This was all explained by the developer on the Google Play description in big bold letters to make it clear.

All being well, if the fix works, Verges has promised to release a feature packed update next to thank his loyal users. In time, it’s also possible the price will reduce to entice new users.

This doesn’t mean, however, that the fight is over. As with any app in the store accessible to the public, Falcon is vulnerable to many kinds of piracy and sabotage. The fact that Twitter doesn’t seem at all interested in helping their third-party devs seems to me short-sighted and appears to show Tweeters that if they want an uninterrupted service, they should use their app. Additionally, the fact that this