Qualcomm and MediaTek won’t be developing 8-core SoCs in the foreseeable future



You won’t see any octa core SoCs from Qualcomm and MediaTek this year, that shocking news comes from industry sources speaking to DigiTimes. In the meantime others like Samsung are flaunting their newest 8-core SoC; the Exynos 5 Octa while LG prepping is a future similar SoC.

Industry leader Qualcomm has been quite successful with the introduction of the Snapdragon 600 & 800 series which debuted in smartphones like the HTC One, these two SoCs raised the speed standard when no other could but now is the time to evolve. –  Especially towards an 8-core approach with ARM‘s big.LITTLE architecture.

It appears that both companies are both dropping their 8-core roadmap, citing OS-Kernel compatibility and low consumer demand amongst their concerns. MediaTek on the other side didn’t may much attention to that kind of architecture but aims to focus development on its current technology, optimizing their resources on “value-added services for their current smartphone platforms”.

It’s quite sad to see those two resigning from the ‘8-core’ race but one thing is for sure; gaps left by those two will be exploited by competitors; this is the right opportunity for Samsung to grasp a significant portion of the smartphone chip marketshare which is currently being reigned over by Qualcomm.

via DigiTimes