Daily Android App: Poweramp Music Player



Poweramp Music Player is a cool app which does not only serve as an alternative to the stock one, but much more like a worthy upgrade we believe nobody would regret. It’s sleek user interface and outstanding audio output takes the pleasure of listening to music on the go to a whole new level.

With such a robust application as Poweramp, I personally struggle to find the beginning of this review. But, let’s just start from the main screen and cover up all of the major features this app has to offer.

When Poweramp is powered up, the first thing to be noticed is the main screen with the familiar play, pause, fast forward and rewind buttons. Just like any other player, the album cover is also present, this time coupled with some special effects appearing in the background. Also, the user interface of Poweramp can be customized by applying some of the pre-installed themes as well as some downloaded from the Play Store. Their number is big and their versatility contributes to the overall eye-candy.

It’s worth mentioning that this app also offers you to enable lock screen widgets that will appear every time a song is playing in the background. Lock screen actions on key press can be also activated through the settings menu.


Probably the worthiest feature Poweramp has to offer is the integrated equalizer. It’s very powerful and can actually improve the audio output to the point where you’ll question yourself whether there are different headphones attached to your head or not. There are many presets included, but the real magic appears when you make your own one. The bass, treble and other frequencies can be tweaked with great precision, which then results in louder, cleaner audio output. And the developers had been kind enough to include a very friendly user interface which guarantees you won’t get lost in the process of tweaking the output to your personal likes.