HTC Blogs About The Making of The HTC One


HTC ONe (3)The newly announced HTC One is an astonishing device by all means. It has everything that makes for a proper flagship: good internals, great display, amazing design and marvelous build quality. But what has contributed to the creation of this smartphone?

Thomas Chien, HTC‘s vice-president of design, has taken a time of his to talk about the making of the HTC One on HTC’s blog. The idea was to create a phone that combines the best of the hardware and software found on the market, crafted into an all-metal body. -“We concluded that our greatest design achievement would be to create an entirely metal phone,” says Chien. “I believe the creation of the new HTC One is an achievement, not just because of its long list of features and specs, but because we worked together across the company to reinvent what a phone could be”.

To Chien, the feeling of the phone is the most important thing, so HTC created the One with that in mind. The thickness, how relevant that is, still is not as important as the feel in the hand, that’s why HTC opted for a thicker, but a more comfortable-to-use smartphone design. The team has gone through several problems designing the smartphone, without sacrificing its key functions. Take the antennas for example. They have been forced to think of a way to pass through the problem of the gap-less aluminium shell blocking the antenna signals. In his finishing words, Thomas Chien states he is very proud of the result of the long and painful process of creating a perfect device. -“The ultimate success for me is that we have created a design that people love. When you hold the phone in your hand you will feel great product design, and it is beautiful”.

That was the little story about the idea behind the HTC One. We find the smartphone amazing, beyond everything we have seen so far. What about you?