Google updates several Android apps: Play Store, Youtube, Google Maps and Drive


Google updates several Android apps

Google has been busy upgrading its Android apps for the last couple of weeks bringing enhancements and improvements to apps like Google Search and Google Plus and this week the Search giant updates Youtube, Play Store, Google Maps, Google Drive apps.

Youtube app v3.4.9 receives support for using your Google+ profile on Youtube, allows control over TV playback straight from the notification bar and it also fixes the Full screen button bug. Google Drive app overall performance improves once updated to the latest version, brings support to stream video files on HoneyComb or newer versions, adds Pinch to zoom in presentation viewer and other improvements. While Google Maps a few bug fixes that we don’t know much about, Play store update to version 3.10.14 just started to spread in the US and it will be available in the next 12 to 24 hours all over the world.