Facepalm S-OFF Makes Unlocking Bootloaders of HTC One S, One XL and Droid DNA a Breeze


HTC-One-X-Angle1S-OFF is a popular term among developers, as well as HTC smartphone users. It’s the ultimate quest of developers to get S-OFF for their respective devices, as it’s the most adequate key that opens doors to flashing ROMs and kernels. Countless HTC devices have got a S-OFF solution, with new ones joining the list as time goes. The latest additions are the HTC One S, One XL and Droid DNA.

Facepalm S-OFF is the thing you should be looking for if you want to unlock your respective device. The solution is brought to you by a bunch of XDA Recognized Developers, namely beaups, jcase, dsb9938 and dr_drache. As it’s always the case with this kind of processes, it’s risky and there’s a potential of a brick, so proceed wisely. It’s also advised to read the tutorial thoroughly, if you don’t want to send your phone to service. That said, if you are not a tech-savvy person and still want to unlock your device, you might be better to go with HTC‘s official Dev Unlock procedure. That too has its own drawbacks, as it’s only a partial unlock, so you won’t be able to install kernels and other stuff directly from recovery. It’s also worth mentioning, if you go for S-OFF, you should never, ever install OTA updates!

If you like to try your luck with the S-OFF method, hit the source link, which is right below. Don’t forget to thank the developers, as without them, this wouldn’t have been possible.