ST-Ericsson to showcase 3Ghz NovaThor L8580 SoC during MWC 2013



ST-Ericsson, the company behind the NovaThor platform will be announcing a new quad core SoC with a top speed of 3GHz

Yes, 3GHz. That may sound too overkill for smartphones but it’s gonna happen, at least with the NovaThor L8580. The new SoC will  feature four Cortex-A9 cores with a PowerVR SGX544 running at a stunningly high clock speed of 600MHz, that’s roughly comparable to the core speed of PC-grade graphics card of late 2007. The whole set will be accompanied with an ‘LTE-Advanced’ modem which will provide speeds up to 150 megabit per second and 17 LTE bands.

This SoC may just be an experimental project for the time being and you won’t probably see this in any smartphone near you this year but ST-Ericsson sure has pushed the smartphone clock barriers beyond the 2.5GHz mark, what remains to be seen is the real life performance but we’re a bit skeptical on how it’ll compare to others featuring the newer Cortex-A15 cores and ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture considering that Cortex-A9 is quite old, battery inefficient and substandard in such times. The GPU shall nevertheless be a fierce contender.

via ST-Ericsson