NVIDIA Introduces Tegra 4i Chipset with 4 Cortex-A9 CPU Cores and 60 GPU Cores


NVIDIA Introduces Tegra 4iNVIDIA has real plans of becoming the dominant SoC maker for mobile devices this year, with its ace NVIDIA Tegra 4. It’s quite hard to get to the top with just one player, so NVIDIA updated the Tegra 4 line-up with a new member. Enter the NVIDIA Tegra 4i.

The Tegra 4 is built out of the same concept as the Tegra 4, but with substantial changes, of course. It has 4 Cortex-A9 CPU cores, that top a maximum frequency of 2,3GHz each. The count of GPU cores has shrunk to 60, but the thing that matters here the most is not the count of GPU cores, nor the family of the CPU cores, but the integrated LTE modem in the chipset. That’s a big leap forward for NVIDIA, as it hasn’t produced a single SoC with an integrated LTE module until now. It’s fair to note though, the Tegra 4i processor comes below the Tegra 4, not that we expected to be better than NVIDIA‘s flagship chipset. Another interesting feature is the┬áChimera photography processing, enabling tap-to-track and HDR panoramas.

We expect NVIDIA to demo the NVIDIA Tegra 4i at MWC 2013.