Chameleon Launcher Tablet Users Will Get Chameleon Phone App Free


Chameleon Launcher Tablet

There is some good news for Chameleon Launcher Users. We just read a twitter conversation between @myandoidlife and @Chameleon_App where the Chameleon Team tweeted that the existing tab users will not have to pay for the mobile version of this launcher.

The app, Chameleon Launcher, as we all know is only available for tablets as of right now. Months back, we got to see a preview of this launcher running on mobile phones. A very valid query was posted by ‘My Android Life.’ They asked the team whether they will have to pay $4 again for purchasing the mobile version or not. The Chameleon team replied positively saying that they will not have to pay anything further for the mobile version.

Tweet Conversation


This tab-launcher(as of right now) with the uniqueness of creating multiple customised screens with innovative Chameleon Widgets can be purchased >> HERE <<

The Chameleon team has also launched an app for Kickstarter Backers and Pre-release customers of the Chameleon Mobile App >> HERE <<