Android 4.2.2 update removes unofficial LTE support on the Nexus 4


Google Nexus 4 smartphone box

People living the U.S had momentarily enjoyed unofficial LTE support on their Nexus 4 although partially on some carriers like AT&T. This comes to an end with the Android 4.2.2 update (build JDQ39).

The Nexus 4 was hailed as the perfect device last year except for LTE support which some people consider as being important when the rest of the world wouldn’t care. The hack made it possible to activate the sleeping LTE chip. The was obviously going to be fixed since the Nexus 4 was never certified as an LTE device by the FCC, the new update brings a new baseband which closes down the possibility of connecting to any LTE network, instead the smart phone would revert back to the WCDMA network, though slower but still very capable.

Nevertheless the community shall soon come with a workaround as basebands can very easily be interchange via flashing something in recovery mode. We shall see a thread pop up at xda forums in days if not weeks.

via AnandTech