WhatsApp finally adopts the Holo UI in new version



A new version was released today, the new build version 2.9.2239 brings a totally new user interface as well as full compliance with Android’s Design Guidelines.

WhatsApp was for a long time an App designed with the Android Gingerbread API and this hasn’t changed even with the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich and above. Yes that’s right, it took WhatsApp almost 2 years to adopt new guidelines but it’s better late than never.

The font rendering and all other UI aspects including buttons, selection menus and the smiley drawer were reworked & image previews are now larger. The overhaul addresses several issues (including security holes) in the very codebase of WhatsApp which was based on the Android API9 or earlier. The change will please a lot out there, especially those who own modern devices with ICS and above.

The new build hasn’t yet been pushed to the Google Play Store at the time of this writing but it should be up in few hours but users can already head towards the official website to obtain & install the .apk file manually.

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