Daily Android Game: Flow Free: Bridges



Flow Free: Bridges is a puzzle game that has been trending on the Google Play Store. It’s a whole new game and an addition to the original concept and it tries one way or another, to reinvent the classic receipt with a unique twist.

As in the original, the goal is to connect all of the circles that are of the same color while keeping in mind that it’s needed to cover all of the given tiles in order to win. It’s a simple game, though it can sometimes be very challenging and in almost all cases, addicting. One thing’s different from the original, though: this time the developers have included a real game-changer. That’s the all-mighty bridge, which is now present in every single level. Some ┬ámay criticize this option, but to me, it’s a very welcome addition that makes the game even more desirable than before.


As the original Flow game, this one is filled with hundreds of free levels. Of course, with the help of in-app billing, it’s possible to purchase some more. But, in my opinion, several hundred are more than enough. The levels are grouped in a couple of level packs and sorted by their difficulty.