Sony Releases Kernel Sources of Xperia Z Before its Official Release


white sony xperia zNot many manufacturers are developer-friendly like Sony is, and everyone knows why: timely source releases, full documentation for devices (*cough* Samsung *cough*), and even experimental Jellybean AOSP builds for selected devices (Xperia S). And it’s not Sony if it doesn’t remind us about that from time to time. Today, the bell rang as Sony released the kernel sources for the Xperia Z, a few weeks before its global release.

It’s true that Sony is not the only manufacturer to open-source a device ahead of time, the crown goes to Samsung in that aspect. But Sony still gets a golden medal, after all, the other big companies are all falling behind in this department. For instance, HTC is known for prolonging kernel source releases, and others doesn’t even comply with GPL with not releasing the sources at all.

If you are a developer, and you want to have a peak at the source of this bad boy, you can grab the code from here.