SEE | TOUCH | HEAR – the Vertu Ti is here, based on Android



Vertu is a state of the art luxury phone brand. It used to be a of part of Nokia‘s, but it got sold back in 2012, though Nokia kept a 10% share. At that time, the new CEO Anssi Vanjoki seemed to be more interested in Android rather than use WP8 for future models. The first Vertu running Android, the Vertu Ti, is now a fact.

“Imagine this kind of devices running Android – it will open a complete new horizon to Google’s mobile OS.” That’s what we wrote in October 2012. This week, another Vertu chief executive, Perry Oosting, on the BBC said that the new device “is based on Android, but it’s how you bring Android to life.” That’s the first time, I assume, a manufacturer states that bold about altering Android to the brands standards. In the mainstream market, all additions to stock Android are mostly seen as restrictive and removed in all kinds of custom ROMs.

So, the Vertu Ti is Android based, meaning Android 4.0. It’s powered by a Dual Core Snapdragon 1.7GHz processor, has 1GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. The rear camera is a 8MP, the front a 1.3MP. You might call this mid-range, but the Vertu Ti isn’t mid-range at all. First of all, the sound is tuned in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. It’s also high-end device, considering the materials and the customer services provided. The hardware is build from titanium with leather finishing. The 3.7 inch screen is made of sapphire