Samsung SHV-300S LTE for SK Telecom appears in GLBenchmark tests. Is this the GALAXY S4 variant for Korean market?


Samsung GALAXY S IV GT-I9500

Back in January I did a report on an allegedly GALAXY S4 leak via AnTuTu benchmark website where the SHV-300S / GT-I9500 has been displayed as an 1.8GHz quad-core device running Android 4.1.2 for SK Telecom.

Now the same model number SHV-300S shows up on GLBenchmark website revealing a little extra details about this handset. For instances GLB confirms that this device is bound to SK Telecom and that it is an LTE phone “android.os.Build.PRODUCT : JFLTESKT” (JF we have no idea what that means, maybe its name, LTE is for 4G support and SKT is short for SK Telecom). Another aspect is its motherboard which says MSM8960, that means it is a Qualcomm chipset and it makes sense because the GPU is a Adreno 320. Going further the screen of SHV-300S is 1920x1080p according to the same source, the CPU frequency shows a Min CPU Freq – 384 MHz and a Max CPU Freq – 1890 MHz, plus it runs Android 4.2.1.

Usually Qualcomm SoC’s are ment for US and parts of Europe where there is LTE, but this is a Samsung device and they have the Exynos 5 Octa, why would they use Qualcomm for a device bound to SKT LTE network (domestic market) when they already have Exynos CPU’s, doesn’t really make sense does it?

What do you folks think this is?