LG Officially Announces New Optimus L Series Via Press Event


Optimus_L_SeriesAfter the leak of the new members of the LG Optimus L series that should appear on MWC 2013, the Korean smartphone maker took the next step and officially announced the aforementioned devices through a press event.

As we have already known since the last leak, the trio will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress,¬†Dr. Jong-seok Park, CEO of LG, suggests. The phones will feature exclusive LG software enhancements, such as¬†QuickMemo, Quick Button and Safety Care. The styling of the devices has the recognizable L-series look to it, which was the key to the success of the previous L members. The specs are decent for mid-range phones, though potential buyers shouldn’t be such specs freaks. Oh, and there will also be dual-SIM versions of the phones too, which are highly popular among the Chinese, Russian, and Indian people.

So, are you getting heated for the new LG Optimus L smartphones? If so, be sure to check them out at MWC if you happen to be in Spain next week.