Five Valentine’s Day Special Android Apps



Valentine’s day is two days away and this year could be even more exciting and romantic than ever before. We here at PocketDroid are known for covering most of the daily stories related to Android mobile world, but we don’t usually miss covering some special events, such as providing you, our fellow readers with some extra special piece of information that will hopefully make your day even more enjoyable. Since this is a special occasion we thought it would be nice to present a set of five different apps of our choosing for your smartphone/tablet that may show useful for cheering your sweethearts, or just for the sake of your own mood.

1. Avocado


Avocado is a very useful application that lets you connect to your favorite person in a private and secure way. In other words, it brings your other half as close to you as possible. It provides fast messaging, many quick messages for repeated use, photo sharing, various other things such as sharing mobile hugs and kisses and so on. If you and your partner are not stationed close enough to each other, this is probably the best way to spend your Valentine’s Day. And the best thing about it: it’s completely free on the Google Play Store.

2. Valentine’s Day HD Live Wallpaper


DualBoot Games are on a roll again and they’ve delivered it again. Their freshly-updated Valentine’s Day HD Live Wallpaper does indeed leave a really good impression in our office and there’s no other live wallpaper that deserves more to be part of this list than this one. It’s stunning visuals and realistic environments will just blow you and your loved one away and the level of customization is huge, just as you would expect from these developers. It comes at a cost of $1.99, but trust us, it’s worth it.

3. Angela’s Valentine


This one’s not probably the best gift to give to your Valentine, but will surely make him/her laugh a little bit. Angela’s Valentine is a cool twist of the original Talking Tom app, this time featuring the love of his life: Angela. Enjoy seeing them both kissing, watching a movie at the cinema and explore all of the cute postcards. You can even consider sending them to your loved ones, but more importantly, to your true love. So, don’t wait a minute! Get your hands on this app and enjoy your free time!

4. Where’s My Valentine?