Real Boxing for Project SHIELD Takes Boxing to a Whole New Level



NVIDIA is taking a leap in the portable gaming realm with its Project SHIELD, which should revolutionize the way of gaming. But NVIDIA‘s effort would be useless if there were no games for the revolutionary gaming console. Thus, the company is giving everything it’s got to get developers’ attention to develop new games for the Project SHIELD, and it’s working quite well. By now, we know there will be a dozen of titles available in time of the launch of the console, and that number is growing as time passes. Evidence of that is Real Boxing, a game developed by Vivid Games, which will also make an appearance for Project SHIELD and other Tegra 4-powered Android devices.

Real Boxing has been available for the iOS devices for quite some time now, and it’s clearly¬†recognizable¬†by its breathtaking graphics. Of course, the Android version doesn’t get anything short of that. Instead, it has further-enhanced textures, increased count of polygons, better animations and increased depth of field. It takes full advantage of NVIDIA‘s powerful Tegra 4 quad-core processor and 72-core GeForce graphics chip. That said, the owners of a Tegra-powered device will enjoy the best gaming experience, especially if the device is a Project SHIELD.

The game itself is a step forward of boxing games. It’s nothing like we have on the Google Play store right now, nor on the Tegra Zone. It has a career mode with over 20 opponents, each with their own fighting style. You can also customize your characters and improve their skills with routine training, including skipping rope, working on the heavy bag, and timely punching the speed bag.

Real Boxing will be available as soon as the Project SHIELD is released. In the meantime, here’s a video of Real Boxing in action: